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Episode 3

Waiting room: AMR and the health System

Do you trust your doctors and pharmacists to give you the right advice about antibiotics? Episode 3 takes us inside the healthcare system to tackle the problem of overprescription. We investigate trust in the practitioner-patient relationship and what happens when that trust is broken – particularly for our vulnerable populations. We look at ways to rebuild it, including social media, working with communities and listening to patients’ lived experiences. We ask, who is responsible for the incorrect antibiotic use that contributes to the rise of superbugs? We find that responsibility is shared and requires empowerment rather than blame.

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Episode 3: Waiting room

In this episode

Mustafa Dhahir, a pharmacist whose TikTok can be found here.

Vanessa Carter, who shares her story of antimicrobial resistance, advocates for One Health and talks about her e-Patient advisory work here.

Dr Tim Senior, a GP who writes about general practice, health policy, and how our social and environmental circumstances affect our health on his blog.

Cris Carriage is an Indigenous Program Officer at the Western Sydney School of Medicine.

This episode was produced by Silvi Vann-Wall, Sarah Mashman and Dr Britta Jorgensen. Executive producer is Professor Mia Lindgren. Hosted by Dr Britta Jorgensen. Original music by Associate Professor Dan Golding. Additional music by Blue Dot Sessions. Mixing by Melissa May. Cover art and website design by the Swinburne Design Bureau.

This is a great guide to finding and assessing reliable health information from the Victorian government.

If you’re wondering about decision-making on whether you need antibiotics, there are some decision aids for using antibiotics developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.

Here is an explanation of Antimicrobial Stewardship, also from the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare.